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Graphics: 10/10. Great work.


I had a blast playing this, didnt know how to finish! but was an amazing experience, I don't like bugs but I didn't mind being this one! had to make my ball grow so I can show all the other girl beetles, what Im working with! :D

beep beep

im a sheep


Interesting take! i wondering if you plan on adding anything else to the game in the future or? loved the game!

Thanks for letsplay! Cant say for sure, but there is a high probability that we will leave it as is :/ 


bummer! let know if there is any other game title of yours i should check out!


So Creative, amazing Work. I loved it (I had a blast playing this to be honest) 


This game was so unique and cute! Sadly, I didn't complete the game but I still really enjoyed it!

Thanks for the video!! Yeah, sadly we didn't have time to tune difficulty to adequate level :/


Cute Game! Love the music! Keep up the good work! 

Woah, thanks for the video and kind words! ;)

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So cool to looking of the great low poly art. Thank you!


a really lovely game! concept is great, and it works really nicely!


I love this game and i enjoy it 

it's funny and cool especially the nature and the crow....


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I think what you are doing is really cool man. You take nature and put game mechanics across it. Nice. I haven't played yet, but I'm about to. Just congrats on the concept. Good on you for trying something different!


Rough life that of a dung beetle but it's all really cute here, nice job :)


Thanks a lot!! )