A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hack the system. For money, ideas, of just for lulz - it's up to you.

BYTE is a top-down cyberpunk stealth-puzzle game about hackers, networks, and cyber-worms for PC, macOS and Linux.

Player (as a too curious script kid) controls a sneaky cyber-worm and performs malicious deeds in the web. The nonlinear narrative takes place in the not distant, internet-dependent future, so the career opportunities are brighter than ever.

Core gameplay may kinda remind of "Snake" from your old Nokia phone: every time you steal data, your cyber-worm is getting longer, which makes it harder to control and evade anti-viruses.

Current state

Right now the game is in the alpha state. We've prepared a little demo for you to try out what we are making and to hear your opinions! Demo showing off not only the game core mechanics, but the art/sound style, as well as the bit of a story, which takes part in full version of the game's plot.

Plans for the future

We are planning to add asynchronous multiplayer and economics to the game (say "goodbye" to release anytime soon). The current vision is: players will able to make and upgrade their own levels (or "servers" in game's term), store and sell data, and most importantly – steal data from one another. The multiplayer part is always-on and completely integrated in singleplayer experience, so you will see on your global map story missions as well as other player's servers.

Stay tuned with us via:
RSS feed and mail subscription on the studio's website: Dividebyzer0.com
Facebook page: fb.com/DividebyzerO.team
Twitter page: twitter.com/dbzteam
Our presskit: press.dividebyzer0.com
Private questions? Shoot'em at FloodBox@dividebyzer0.com


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDividebyzer0 team
Tags2D, Cyberpunk, Stealth, Story Rich, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


BYTEalpha057win.zip 54 MB
BYTEalpha057osx.zip 94 MB
BYTEalpha057linux.zip 60 MB


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great game!


Clever adaption of Snake. Simplistic with enough graphics to make it interesting, though the chat box annoyed me. Maybe make it closable by hitting space or something.  And WASD usable as well as arrow keys. I think it might help out not having to move your right hand so much to close boxes and go back to arrow keys and all. User comfort. Overall, good game.

Thx for feedback! 

Yeah, UI and controls definitely need to be and will be improved - in future updates :)

And as for chat system - it is annoying, indeed. In near future there are will be a completely new one, to replace current version.

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This is on gamejolt as well. But I found the game to be very entertaining. It is certainly challenging.

YouTube: Fellowplayer



This is really amazing! The last level I tried seems impossible to me though.


Whoa, thanks a lot for your time and kind words!

Yeah, that final level is a pretty tough one! Level balancing (like everything else, heh..) will be improved in release, that's for sure)

There are still might be rocklike levels, but they will be optional for main storyline.