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Clever adaption of Snake. Simplistic with enough graphics to make it interesting, though the chat box annoyed me. Maybe make it closable by hitting space or something.  And WASD usable as well as arrow keys. I think it might help out not having to move your right hand so much to close boxes and go back to arrow keys and all. User comfort. Overall, good game.

Thx for feedback! 

Yeah, UI and controls definitely need to be and will be improved - in future updates :)

And as for chat system - it is annoying, indeed. In near future there are will be a completely new one, to replace current version.

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This is on gamejolt as well. But I found the game to be very entertaining. It is certainly challenging.

YouTube: Fellowplayer


This is really amazing! The last level I tried seems impossible to me though.


Whoa, thanks a lot for your time and kind words!

Yeah, that final level is a pretty tough one! Level balancing (like everything else, heh..) will be improved in release, that's for sure)

There are still might be rocklike levels, but they will be optional for main storyline.